July 29, 2021

Help with an ‘out there’ beard.

Help with an 'out there' beard.

Hi All.

First of all, amazing beard and guidance here it’s a great space for telling people to keep going with their new look and I appreciate that.

So, onto my question. I have been growing my ‘beard’ out over Xmas and purchased some beard care items to help with its health etc. However, it still looks kind of messy and untamed and I have to use quite a bit of balm to make it even halfway presentable. I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Am I using the wrong kind of balm? What should I be using if not?. Currently, my morning routine is to water, dry, oil, comb, balm, final brush then smile. Is there any way I can make my beard grow more down instead of out? I have thick hair which may be playing a role?

Any help would be really appreciated as I want it to look neat and woodsman-like when I step out the house, not having to constantly check it when out the comfort of my door. I’ve attached a picture below of it ‘groomed’ with balm and brush.



Thank you all in advance.

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