July 26, 2021

How to get the Hair/Life of your Dreams

The last thing I want to do with any of my videos on hair is to convince someone that they should have surgery. I want to educate people and stop people who might otherwise have surgery from having a surgery…

The last thing I want to do with any of my videos on hair is to convince someone that they should have surgery. I want to educate people and stop people who might otherwise have surgery from having a surgery they will regret. I also want to empower people who are struggling with hair loss to to make a positive step and take control of their hair loss whether that’s with the best preventative treatments available, concealers, scalp micro pigmentation, hair systems, shaving their head, or if they are the right kind of candidate and financially able then hair transplant. Having a realistic hair plan in terms of the preventative hair loss treatments you will use and stick to, the type of surgery you choose to start with, and your goals looks wise will lead to a much higher chance of successful result. Hopefully this video will help set you on a healthy path.

If you’re struggling with hair loss and considering transplant surgery I highly suggest you call my friend Steve Cook. He can help you find the best hair solution to suit your needs, and give you a list of the best available options. Steve is a great wealth of information , and he’s the most knowledgable and honest person I’ve met in the hair restoration business.

Steve Cook: (Text Steve with photos of your hair first before calling him please)
Mobile phone: +1 (305) 416-8418
Email: steve@mcgrathmedical.com

David DiMuzio Online:
http://Facebook.com/ddimuzio (Follow …my personal page)

PS: I use a laser helmet religiously every other day to help me maintain and strengthen my hair. I highly recommend that all guys buy one as they are FDA cleared and scientifically proven to help strengthen your hair, and in many cases even re-grow some of it, especially when combined with other proven preventative hair loss treatments. The best part is that there are no negative side effects, only upside. Thanks to my official endorsement of iRestore they have offered my viewers $350 off the PRO device I use if you use my affiliate link and code.
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PPS: In order to help prevent my hair loss from furthering I’m currently using the above laser helmet as well as an oral finasteride + oral minoxidil compounded pill prescribed to me by Dr. Daniel McGrath and manufactured by Stonegate Pharmacy in the US which undergoes stringent third party quality control.

Understanding the Laser Hair Removal Process

Put away the tweezers, razor, or warm wax. Learn more about laser hair elimination to free yourself of undesirable development.

Raw Green Smoothies Good for Hair Growth?

Green veggies are excellent, yet preparing them is even much better! Oxalates in raw environment-friendly foods can influence the thyroid. Specifically if you have a low thyroid or background of thyroid troubles in your family members.

Increased Testosterone Does Cause Hair Loss and Baldness?

Many men function hard to look their ideal. They invest a great deal of time in your home or at the gym to function and also purchase supplements to maximize their performance. However regrettably, among the points that aid to look so great sometimes has an unfavorable influence on their look. A high degree of testosterone can additionally add to loss of hair. Numerous guys that work vigorously occasionally lose their hair earlier and also to a better extent than those who invest their time in inactive activities.

Terrified That You’re Losing Your Hair?

Like all great things like young people and health, a lot of us take a full head of hair for given; that is, until it is gone. Do you feel as though you have no alternative to remedy your hair loss? There are a great deal of factors for which you may be experiencing hair loss.

3 Simple Tips To Stop Hair Loss

Here, I will disclose 3 easy tips that will certainly assist you stop loss of hair and also thinning hair. They’ve benefited lots of people, so there’s no factor why they shouldn’t benefit you.