July 29, 2021

It Is OK To Not Be OK With Your Hair Loss – Being True To You

For 13 years I have communicated with women online, and I know the pain from hair loss, not just my own – but in hearing your stories. I spent over the first half of my hair loss life (of 22…

For 13 years I have communicated with women online, and I know the pain from hair loss, not just my own – but in hearing your stories. I spent over the first half of my hair loss life (of 22 years) not believing, feeling or thinking that things could get better, but it did and it is important for me to let those know, that need to know – it can better, that it definitely can.

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Often I find that women are so hard on themselves, comparing themselves to other women, which makes the process of working through anything so much more difficult, and especially in dealing with your hair loss – something that is plenty sufficient to deal with on its own.

You only have to do what feels right for you, not for anyone else.
I made a video reading to you the words of a post I was going to make, but instead I recorded my reading of it to a short clip to share with you.

I wanted you to hear the words and feel the meaning.

For those that NEED to FEEL, BELIEVE and have HOPE, I think hearing it (literally) helps, at least I hope it does.

Remember, you get to decide what is best for you in all aspects of how you chose to treat and deal with your hair loss. Only you gets to decide the path you need to take to make it work in your life.

You, just you, gets to decide.

Medically treat it, or don’t. Wear wigs, or don’t. Shave your head or don’t. Tell everyone.. or tell no one.

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Sending Much Love To All!


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