July 29, 2021

lets test onion juice on hair for one month| How to use onion juice for hair growth( Eng subtitles)



HEY FRIENDS. ITS Really Departing TO BE DIFFERENT VEDIO i’m going to test onion whether it truly helps in hair growth or not i’m going to use this onion hair mask for one moth continuously. and record the changes basically i need a proper proof to say whether a make is working or not so that it motivates me to use the product to use further so i’m going to do one crazy thing i have this 23 grey-headed hairs so i’m going to chopper it precisely above the beginning and i are aware of the fact from that whether my fuzz really germinate after a month or not so its going to be an fun experiment. you can also try it. how i used to apply this whisker concealment: i generally side my whisker into small sections and apply this onion juice straight-shooting on my scalp tribulation left open for 10 1 five minutes and tell it soak in my bun and soak my mane with my customary chore to be frank. even i didn’t know whether this will work or not at the beginning i would upload the result even if it didnt grow or not after 4 weeks only we can find the truth this my 1st weeks resolve my lily-white fuzz hasn’t grown that much i don’t find certain differences in my fuzz period encountered my white-haired “hairs-breadth” a little less than a CM its merely the usual growth of anyones hair uffff..Hard to find not even intersecting my claw length in first week so much better has grown good-for-nothing to say much. i feel its the usual growth but its penalty 45 MM( sorry not CM )* tells do it this week also and see if theres any vary 2nd week i don’t get any irritation or itchiness because of applying this onion juice generally im very sensitive to onion smell my hearts would turn up into a well but surprisingly this doesn’t vex my eyes ill demo the second week result i mildly think that there is some change in my “hairs-breadth” length misfortune demo you the white-haired “hairs-breadth” period now before it was less than my tack span now its more than my nail length so far i’m happy tells apply 3rd week too and realize the difference a gratuity: while applying this cover-up filter the onion liquid and then apply or else it leaves white flakes on the hair and it looks like dandruff on fuzz i made this mistake last-place two week and i thought i got dandruff problem because of this cover-up luckily it was just the onion skins. so do filter and then apply so this week routine is done hardship prove u the research results next week imm sooo stimulated to share this theres notable divergence in my mane length within 3 weeks half to 1 inch fuzz has been an increase. I myself was scandalized its quite good length and the onion cover-up is more inexpensive than any mask in the market 4 th week this onion juice is really working for me i am only definitely apply this even after this experiment but ill tell you the pros and cons: and how i will continue using this 1st pro: its workingggggggg for me 2nd: affordable than any other mask in market and its easily available now lets discuss the con con 1: it smells really bad it abides even after 23 whisker launder its fairly perturbing no matter how much “i’ve been trying” will i continue with this whisker cover-up? definitely i would but not like this weekly formerly and al maybe like 15 periods formerly r monthly once i would do if you find this video helpful and informative satisfy agree .. it motivates me to move more videos